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PayPlan International Inc.

... more than just a Merchant Service Provider/ISO

All Services Offered by our two Gateways such as Recurring Billing, Gateway Emulator, Transaction Routing, etc.,


Direct Gateway Services

Direct Gateway Services offered by Pay Plan International, through private labelled partnerships with both NMI (Network Merchants Inc.) and Worldnet are extremely robust and provide direct API integration under our own private platforms.  Services provided are supported by our technical teams for all your integration needs.

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In-house Data Analysis and Systems’ Support

Pay Plan can sift through your processing data and provide you with direct analysis and recommendations for your company’s next steps strategies and lean systems approach to maximizing your profitability.  Data Analyses and Systems’ Support are provided directly by our own team which is directed by our COO and data specialists whose professional background is extensive and transcends all industry types. Our CEO also has decades of experience in multiple business genres.


PCI Compliancy Services 

PanPlan offers PCI Compliance Services with the completion of the tedious tasks of updating and producing AoC (Attestation of Certification) documents confirming website compliance and that SAQs are completed to ensure that each website is scanned quarterly for compliance avoiding all site vulnerabilities.

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Legal Advice

Pay Plan International Inc. works with you to secure your desired payment processing service and does so by being your advocate throughout the underwriting approvals process. Once Pay Plan has worked with you to secure services, Pay Plan continues its client advocacy relationship by working through any concerns that may arise from time to time with the secured underwriting group(s) and subsequently mediate any and all issues. Further,  Legal Services and Advice can be garnered and provided under separately contracted solicitation and inquiry in UK, Europe, North America and other jurisdictions as required.


Acquiring and Payment Solutions

PayPlan International offers Acquiring and Payment Solutions partnership contracts with three large international underwriting groups, and we are actively working to establish more options as we extend our international activities and aspirations.

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Direct Advocacy and Mediation Service

and partnerships with both NMI (Network Merchants Inc.) and Worldnet – both services are extremely robust and provide direct API integration under our own private label and both provide technical teams for all integration support requirements,